How We Do It

You apply. We approve. You shop. We reward.

Like we said… simple.



Our engineers and data scientists have spent years (and millions of dollars) developing ground-breaking technology that enable us to offer consumers financial services that have been neglected by traditional lenders.


As a result, our data-driven technology is revolutionizing the way American consumers make life’s necessary purchases, allowing us to offer the lowest costs and highest level of service.



Traditional banks and credit providers utilize outdated and antiquated methods of viewing and analyzing credit risks, using customary credit reports that are short-sided and, all too often, contain errors because they’re created by primitive processes that are unable to adapt to today’s radically changing population.


We knew there had to be a better way.


And so we developed it. Our technology tracks, examines, and categorizes vast amounts of data that exist outside of the traditional credit system. This enables our algorithms to learn from mistakes and quickly adapt to changing patterns in data that affect risk.



By harnessing a vast amount of information, we can effectively reduce the cost of lending while bringing transparency to millions of people who simply can’t be categorized by a three-digit-number.


But this is also about so much more than data…

Our Mission


Our mission is to enable people to obtain

the necessities of life.







Simply put… we help people succeed.

We accomplish this by simplifying the daunting process of applying for credit and providing lending to those who would otherwise have no access to financing.


So why do we do it?


Because this isn’t just about providing a simpler alternative to traditional financing. It’s about educating consumers and helping them to improve their lives while enabling businesses to reach more people and achieve more sales.

We Understand...


That every interaction matters.

So when you call Simple, you won’t be greeted by a robot. You’ll speak to a real person, because that’s who we are: real people who are dedicated to helping millions of others.


That we’re blazing a new trail.

And we welcome this challenge.


What it means to make a real difference.

We know what it takes and we can prove it.


We understand our customers.

Because we’ve been there.

We're here.

For you.

We’re located in Salt Lake City, Utah, a thriving center of technology and finance. Our team of smart and friendly experts are ready to answer questions, solve problems, and provide you with a simply awesome customer experience.


So go ahead… try us.

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