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Simple is easy.

You apply. We approve. You shop. We reward.

Like we said… simple.

Partner with us and

watch your sales grow.

Simply go online and complete our merchant enrollment, which takes mere minutes.

Sit back and relax as we review your enrollment forms. Approvals typically take less than 24 hours.

Low Merchant Fee

Just how low? Only 1%, because we believe that the best partnership program should be affordable for both you and your customer.



Smarter Marketing = More Customers

Utilizing data-driven marketing to pinpoint your future customers, we will drive customers to your store. That’s right! We will have those customers “Approved” and armed with the power to purchase up to $3,000 in goods before they even walk through your door? Yep, we’ll do that for you.


Simple Portal

Hey, it’s right there in our name. We’ve made our process easy to understand and even easier to use. Intuitive, fast, and simple.



Premier Program

When you partner with Simple, you’ll enjoy our easy process, our smart and friendly team members, and extremely low fees. Your customers will benefit from our 90-day cash option, early buyout incentives, and the lowest monthly lease rates available.

Once you're approved, our Merchant Success Representative will get you up to speed.

More approvals means more sales. It’s simple science.

you apply

we approve

we train

you succeed

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Customer Program

Simple Finance will treat every one of your customers as a VIP. An important part of this is setting up a series of easy payments that are designed to fit your customer’s individual needs, schedules, and lives—a payment program that works for them.


We’ll also help your customers determine a payment amount that works with their budget and even match their payments with their pay dates. Your customers can choose weekly, bi-weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly payments with any 12-month term.



instant approvals

Simply ask your customer to spend a minute or two completing an online application and we’ll provide an instant approval decision. No other approval process is as fast and easy as Simple’s.

$40 down payment

As simple as it sounds, your customers make a $40 down-payment at the point of sale...and that’s all. $40 down and your customers go home with the goods, every single time.



no credit needed

You heard right. We’ve mastered the art of smarter underwriting...which means we will never deny a customer due to their credit score. That’s right—NEVER.

90-day cash option

Every time your customer pays us back within 90 days, we will close that account as paid in full. A powerful incentive that will save your customers money and keep them coming back to     your store.


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We're here.

For you.

We’re located in Salt Lake City, Utah, a thriving center of technology and finance. Our team of smart and friendly experts are ready to answer questions, solve problems, and provide you with a simply awesome customer experience.


So go ahead… try us.

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